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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Chris says that he can see himself with Becca and says, yet again, that he is falling in love with her. But he’s confused. So basically, it’s all very confusing. He doesn’t know who he is going to send home and is struggling with his decision.

He is pretty much close to having a meltdown. He’s afraid of making a big mistake and talks with Chris Harrison about how overwhelmed he feels.

Chris is very unsure about whether he can choose Becca since she’s uncertain about certain things. But he can see a future with Kaitlyn. He doesn’t mull over Whitney too much so he must be somewhat confident about choosing her. But essentially, he’s not feeling very confident about anything right now. He says he wants clarity. Hey, maybe he’ll go back and visit the medium.

Arriving at a temple for the rose ceremony, Harrison tells Chris how sacred the spot is. Just hand holding there!

The ladies talk about their feelings for Chris minutes before he makes his decision. Becca seems the most nervous.

With two roses to hand out, Chris pulls Becca aside for a last-minute conversation. They’re both falling in love with each other, but they’re still having their misgivings.

Kaitlyn is totally positive that she will be going to meet Chris’ family next week and that he is sending Becca home but her confidence falters when both of them return from talking. Ya know what happens on this show when you’re overly confident.

The roses go to Whitney and Becca. Kaitlyn is sent home the week before hometown dates. “There’s certain things that I don’t understand right now,” Chris tells Kaitlyn. His explanation is interrupted by a very loud cock-a-doodle-doo.

Now Kaitlyn is the one who is confused and she just doesn’t understand his decision. She seems to be regretting letting her guard down.


The Women Tell All is next week. Finale airs in two weeks!

Do you think Chris made the right decision?

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