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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Chris takes Whitney to an art gallery in Des Moines for their date, which includes an exhibition of love as expressed through photographs. That leads them to do their own photo shoot out on the town.

Jade talks about her date in Arlington and how the small town is actually three hours away from Des Moines. Britt is overwhelmed with emotion from the details of the date, to which Carly just gives an eye roll. The remainder of the girls decide to go on a road trip to look around Arlington.

Whitney says that she can feel a “sense of peace” in Iowa and that she can totally see herself living there. But, she is not in his actual hometown of Arlington.

Kaitlyn, Britt, Becca and Carly get a rude awakening when they realize the “main hub” of the town is just as desolate as every other place.

The ladies go exploring the very tiny town but don’t get to see very much because everything is closed. They run into some locals who give them some oh-so helpful advice that if you want to do anything (like eat or see a movie), you can’t stay in Arlington to do it.

Whitney and Chris’ date brings them to a fancy restaurant and she gets to meet some of Chris’ best friends. They start asking whether she loves Chris and any hesitations she has about moving there. By the way, she doesn’t have any hesitations about moving to the town that she hasn’t even been to yet.

Britt tells the girls that she could’t see herself living there, until the view of a sunset changed her mind. Carly is not buying it.

Britt, Carly and Kaitlyn get the group date. “Icy our future together,” it reads. They speculate that they’ll be going ice skating and Carly impersonates Britt, complete with a make-up covered talking hand.

Back at Whitney’s date, she brings up her hometown date. She discloses that she doesn’t have any parents–she doesn’t have a relationship with her father and her mother passed away. Chris is impressed with her strength, which brings Whitney to her next point: that he needs to have a strong family dynamic.

The date ends with Chris’ little giggly laugh at Whitney’s reaction to their photograph-turned-street art. Chris says that he can absolutely see spending the rest of his life with her.

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