'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

At the start of the cocktail party in South Dakota, Chris sends Megan home. Immediately. There was supposed to be a rose ceremony as well but Chris calls it off to further explore his chemistry with the other women. With six women still remaining, Chris takes them home to Iowa. Chris is just breaking’ all the rules this season.

Being the week before the ladies’ hometown dates, Chris uses this time as an opportunity to see if the girls can see themselves living there. Jade gets the first one-on-one, which is great because there’s been teasers that a major secret about Jade will be revealed.

Time to play on the farm. Jade’s date brings her to Arlington, complete with rows of corn and dirt roads. Jade doesn’t seem too nervous about exploring a small town, being that she says that she is from a small town as well. (Even though she’s from LA…) And hey, his house looks familiar…being that it was shown last season when Andi visited his home.

Chris introduces Jade to his cows too.

Back at the hotel in Des Moines, Britt tries to analyze her chances of getting personal time in Chris’ hometown. Whitney gets the second one-on-one date but in Des Moines.

Chris and Jade explore the town of Arlington–a pretty empty town. She seems overwhelmed at the lack of stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. She calls it a “ghost town.”

She considers it “deserted,” which then leads them to a football game at his old high school. She also meets two very important family members: his mom and dad. They also go exploring the halls of his high school and he talks about his “glory days” and the detentions he spent in the library.


Then there’s some PDA outside of one of his old classrooms. His high school football team loses. But the stands still chant “Kiss, kiss, kiss.” Obviously Chris has no problem doing that. Jade can see herself in Iowa, or so she says. Chris ends the date with a thrust of his fist into the air–in amazing “The Breakfast Club” style.



How do you think Chris will react to Jade’s secret?