'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Jade decides to open up to Carly about her dirty little secret: she did nude modeling for Playboy. Whoa, so unexpected, being that it was revealed in the teaser. Jade wants to be able to tell Chris about it herself.

The group date with Carly, Becca and Kaitlyn brings the ladies to a ice-skating rink. They play a game of hockey, which causes Chris to fall…multiple times.

Britt steals away Chris for some personal time and tells him that they took a road trip to Arlington. He seems totally creeped out. She also tells him that she felt “alive” there. Carly is pretty upset over the fact that Britt is lying to Chris and takes matters into her own hands.


Carly and Kaitlyn talk about how fake Britt is, so Carly decides to confront Chris. Chris says that he can see himself marrying Britt, which is soon to be totally squashed at Carly’s revelation. Because she is “protective” of him, she tells Chris about how Britt told everyone that she couldn’t see herself living in Arlington.

Do you think Britt will tell Chris the truth?