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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

From where we left off last night, Chris Harrison told the remaining women that there would be no cocktail party prior to the next elimination. Chris has his mind completely made up in this week’s two-night event. Britt was also super mad that she did not get the rose on the group date. Will that cost her a chance to be with Chris? Chris admits that it feels like things are “falling apart” with them.

The episode starts off with the one-on-one with Becca. They spend time in Chris’ loft, since Chris was looking for a “low-key” date. Becca admits thats she’s never been in love and Chris questions her last relationship. He just wants to know if she can fall in love with him.

They share a kiss up on the roof as the sun is setting.

Back at the hotel, Britt tells Carly, Whitney, Kaitlyn and Jade that she has packed her bags and intends to leave before the rose ceremony. The other four are not buying her story and definitely do not think she will be leaving.


All the girls have something to say to Chris before the impending rose ceremony–a pretty crucial one since hometown dates are beginning. Too bad because there’s no cocktail party, remember?

That apparently has no effect on Britt, however, because she still decides to pull Chris aside for some personal time. Chris took no time in allowing Britt to talk with him. She takes the time to apologize but she makes no mention of her leaving. Chris feels as though she was very disrespectful and not what he wants for a wife. Britt is sent home with an emotional exit.

But hey, Carly likes to see her squirm so, according to her, it’s all good.

Resuming the ceremony, Whitney, Becca and Jade get the coveted roses, which means Chris will be visiting their hometowns. Aww, no more funny Vines from Carly.

Off to hometown dates!