'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

First hometown date goes to Becca and Chris visits her and her family in Shreveport, Louisiana. She talks to Chris about the alligators in the area so, logically, they go for a boat ride on the lake.

Becca tells Chris that it’s the first time she is bringing a guy home to meet her family. But no pressure.

Chris is “nervous” about meeting her large family but he says he feels very close to home. Her sister then talks to Chris about how Becca really isn’t all that intimate. So that naturally causes Chris’ mind to go into yet another tailspin.

Her mom talks to him next and how uncertain she felt about Becca going on the show. She also admits to feeling shocked about Becca’s apparent new demeanor. The sister returns to make things extremely uncomfortable and asks Becca if she is going to tell Chris about her being a virgin. Mom warns Chris not to break her daughter’s heart.

Before leaving, Chris tells Becca that she is going with him. They have a surprise date at the fair and have some super sweet romantic time on the ferris wheel.

The next hometown date brings Chris to Chicago, Illinois and Whitney has a full day of fun planned for the two of them. “What do you say we go make a baby?” she asks him with a wink. Instead of taking a tour around the city, Whitney brings Chris to where she works as a fertility nurse. Then it gets awkward again when Whitney tricks Chris into thinking she wants him to donate his sperm. Or did she?

Next up, Chris meets Whitney’s uncle, sister and grandmother. Whitney talks with her sister about her amazing connection with Chris but her sister seems doubtful. Talking to Chris, he asks her sister for her blessing to propose to Whitney, if it came down to that. She does not give her blessing but tells him to call her when Whitney is definitely the one girl for him.

Whitney tells Chris that she is in love with him and decides to open up a bottle of wine, something she was saving to share with the person she knew she would marry.

How do you feel about Whitney?