It’s double the drama this week, Bachelor fans! “The Bachelor” is having a special two-night event this week, which means Sunday and Monday night will be filled with craziness.

The three-hour long Sunday night episode starts off with Chris Tells All. Actually, more like Kelsey tells all. She returns to the Mansion and Chris Harrison talks to her about how controversial she was–discussing topics like being called condescending, sneaking up to Chris’ hotel room and her panic attack.

Harrison then switches the conversation to the 2-on-1 Badlands date with Ashley. Kelsey wants it to be known that she still “respects” Ashley, despite comments that were made during her interviews. She also points out that she’s afraid coming face-to-face with the women at the end of the season will be a “crucifixion.”

Harrison then sits down with Chris and discusses the amount of craziness that has been going on this season. He says that he was blindsided by what Ashley said about Kelsey and that he wasn’t hoping for as much drama as it turned out to be.

They talk about Ashley S. too, which is always entertaining. He points that he noticed how “odd” she was acting the night of the zombie date. They also show some never-before-seen footage of Ashley S. wandering around the production area and just…staring. They relive her onion-like pomegranate as well.

Harrison points out that “no one could have predicted her behavior” based off her audition tape.

Why did Chris give so many a second chance? That question is answered too. From giving a rose to drunk Tara, to allowing Jordan to stay at the group date in Santa Fe. They kind of skip over how he brought Kimberly back though.

He talks about what changed with how he felt about Jillian. He didn’t “feel that chemistry.” Chris also discusses how hard it was to send Juelia home.

The two Chrises revisit the visit from Jimmy Kimmel and how much more awkward he made the dates that week. Talking about Carly and Chris’ date at the “love” doctor, he reiterates how uncomfortable everything was.

Previously never before seen footage of Becca and Chris’ date, they show how Sully the donkey ran off during their horseback ride.

He also talks about his initial strong connection, from the moment she stepped out of the limo, with Britt. Chris talks about THAT moment when he and Britt came back from the Big & Rich concert, having left the rest of the girls on the group date for an hour.

Harrison sits down with Andi Dorfman and talks about her split with Josh Murray. It’s super awkward because she’s basically crying throughout the entire interview. She talks about how tough it has been and how they had been struggling in their relationship for a while.

Harrison reminiscences about the day they got engaged and so sensitively points out how she thought she had found her “soulmate.” He also asks if she’s still in love with Josh, which obviously is a yes. Nothing like heartbreakingly awkward questions about your breakup to make you feel better.

She hopes to be friends again someday, though.

Up next: Chris brings the ladies home to Iowa. Who will be the first to admit that farmer lifestyle just isn’t for them?

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