Back at a restaurant, Chris decides to confront Britt about her lying. She expresses to him how much she wants him to go on hometown dates.

Chris says how special Britt is to him and asks her again, how she feels about Arlington–hoping to get the truth this time. She says how “attractive” the lifestyle is and how appealing it is to reinvent herself every once in a while.

Chris takes Kaitlyn away for some personal time as well and she expresses her concern over him talking with her dad and being serious. The group date rose goes to Kaitlyn, meaning that Chris will visit her hometown next week.

Back with Carly and Britt, Britt sits on the couch with emotions stirring. You can actually feel the tension through the television screen.


Chris tells the ladies how tough of a decision it was about giving the rose. Britt says “that’s fine” to Kaitlyn getting the rose and puts all her emotions out on the table. Chris seems frustrated over everything that Britt is saying and puts an end to the conversation. Britt attempts to validate the way she is feeling over not getting the rose, but Carly and Kaitlyn are just not having it.

Carly talks about Britt’s insincerity with the other girls and wonders whether Britt will be the one getting sent home.

On tomorrow’s episode, Harrison tells the ladies that there will be no cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony.

Who do you think will get sent home tomorrow?