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Back at Becca and Chris’ date, they roast some shish kebabs and Becca marvels over Chris’ hilarious laugh.

They talk about each other’s five-year plans and stress the importance of family, as well as about reciprocation of feelings.

The group date goes to Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly and Megan. “Let’s make sweet music together,” the note reads. Ashley thinks that having the 2 on 1 with Kelsey guarantees that she will be staying.

Becca expresses her happiness over getting a one-on-one and she receives a rose and a kiss. (Shocking, I know) They both say how the date exceeded their expectations.

The group date consists of country music, or writing it more specifically. The girls have to write a country song with the help of Big & Rich. Jade says that she’s on the “struggle bus” and that she feels stupid because she doesn’t know how to write a song. So they decide to run down the street and get the creativity flowing.

The other girls don’t like the obvious connection that Britt and Chris are displaying as they embrace each other and kiss. It’s making it difficult for the others to focus on their song-writing skills.


Chris begins the mini concert with his own performance of funny little lyrics. The girls all sing their own renditions of their songs and Carly clearly does super well, seeing as how she sings for a living. Jade, who was struggling to come up with lyrics, puts her nerves aside and goes on stage to perform.

“Let’s have a good time in the badlands,” the 2 on 1 card reads. Either Ashley or Kelsey will be getting sent home at the end of this date. Kelsey also apparently “loves” the badlands.

Jade says that she can see herself in Iowa and is hoping to get the rose…if there is one. After speaking after feelings with Kaitlyn, Chris and Britt then run off to even more personal time at a concert. A Big & Rich concert because, who else? They leave the five other girls back at the restaurant and they are clearly upset.

There is also, in fact, a rose because it is given to Britt on the stage at the concert. The girls are obviously unaware the Britt has received the rose, until they arrive back an hour later to a tension-filled room. Awkward.


The other ladies are clearly feeling hurt and insecure over Chris’ actions.

Do you think it was right that Chris abandoned the other ladies on the date?