The claws are coming out on the 2 on 1 date between Ashley and Kelsey. Ashley considers herself Glinda the Good Witch and Kelsey the Wicked Witch of the West.

The first part of their date takes them on a helicopter ride over Mt. Rushmore and Ashley “can’t even.”


Ashley is feeling pretty confident that she will be the one to receive the rose and Chris ends up asking both women how things are going in the house. Chris thinks that an ability to handle a “social situation” is good. Chris calls Kelsey out (based on information Ashley gave him) on how the ladies feel that she is being fake but Kelsey plays it off as “girl talk.”

Kelsey gives Ashley a death stare and awkward silence ensues. “I know what you did and I do not appreciate it,” Kelsey tells her.

Ashley confronts Chris over why he told Kelsey about what they had discussed. Chris then breaks the news that he doesn’t think that he could give her the lifestyle she wants. Ashley is sent home but so is Kelsey. So much for a 2 on 1 because both ladies are sent packing.

The ladies back at the hotel rejoice when both Ashley and Kelsey’s suitcases are taken away.

Were you expecting Chris’ decision?