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The group date brings the ladies to the Rio Grande River for some whitewater rafting. Kelsey says that she’s a “flurry of mixed emotions” and does not appreciate that she has not gotten a solo date yet.

Megan says that the river could be filled with alligators and dead bodies as well. That transitions into a safety lesson of the do’s and don’ts of whitewater rafting. Chris wouldn’t mind being rescued by Whitney either, or so he says.

Jade ends of falling out but she is quickly rescued without any major problems. She does, however, have a condition where she goes numb and experiences hypothermia at normal temperatures, let alone a freezing river.

Later in the evening, Whitney reiterates the importance of time on this show. Jordan, a previously eliminated contestant from week two, then shows up unexpectedly to ask Chris if they can talk. The girls start wondering why Chris is late to their date, while he explains to Jordan how he didn’t feel as though he got a chance to know her because of her drinking.

She then asks for a second chance, something that has already happened once this season with Kimberly (who was then eliminated the same episode that she retuned).

The other girls are obviously not very happy with his decision when him and Jordan round the corner. The claws are coming out.

Ashley spends her time alone with Chris talking about Jordan and how “they’re so different” and wonders whether Jordan will “grow up.” Actually, everyone’s discussions with Chris revolve around her return. Jordan’s return kind of puts a bit of a damper on the evening.

Carly then talks to Britt about Britt not showering for weeks. Okay, that needed to be discussed…

“Sky’s the limit,” reads the date card to Britt. Her reaction is unexpected and she actually starts sobbing because she has a fear of heights.

Chris decides not to bring Jordan back for the long run because he feels as though it isn’t right. She says it gave her closure, but it still wasn’t the answer she was hoping for.

The group date rose is presented to Whitney, which means she will return next week–much to the chagrin of Ashley. She thought she didn’t have to “worry about her.”

How do you think Britt’s one-on-one will go?