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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Back at the hotel, Chris surprises Britt at her room at 4:30 a.m. to wake her up for her date. He stands over her bed because that’s not creepy at all.

Britt’s roommates are not impressed.

Britt’s anxiety continues over the prospect of having to be extremely high up in the sky during their hot air balloon date. He thinks her excitement is “cute.”

Britt and Chris soar high above the Rio Grande Gorge, overlooking the sunrise. She doesn’t seem too nervous anymore.


Chris takes Britt to his hotel room as the ladies gossip about Britt’s shower habits. Britt tells Chris that she wants “like 100 kids.” Shocking since, according to Ashley, Britt is in no rush to have kids. Carly thinks that Britt is manipulative. Could Britt be like Nick was last season on “The Bachelorette”?


Kelsey thinks Britt and Chris’ date “diminishes” their relationship. So she decides to take matters into her own hands. She visits him at his hotel room and tells him about her late husband. She asks, “Isn’t my story amazing and tragic?” in a super smug way. “Isn’t my story amazing, I love my story!” she says. Riiiiight…


Whitney thinks it’s suspicious how calm Kelsey is at the cocktail party seeing as how she did not get one-on-one time with Chris…or so she thinks.


Chris has to excuse himself as he’s speaking with the ladies during the cocktail party, emotional over what he spoke about with Kelsey. The girls don’t seem happy about how the evening has turned to having a focus on Kelsey. But Kelsey seems pretty confident in the decision Chris will be making. “Saying goodbye is hard,” she says.

The emotional toll on Chris brings him to the decision to not continue on with the cocktail party. The ladies are all very caught off guard.

Kelsey is now not feeling so confident over what Chris’ decision will be. She then has a panic attack, with the possibility of calling 9-1-1. The episode ends with no rose ceremony.

What do you think will happen next week?

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