The next round of dates brings the remaining 11 contestants of “The Bachelor” to Santa Fe tonight. Teasers for this evening’s episode hinted that an eliminated contestant would be crashing the party at some point. Who will it be?

The first one-on-one date goes to Carly: “Let’s come together,” it reads. Arriving at their date, Carly remarks at how “southwestern” the place is. They arrive upon a woman meditating and discover that she is a love and intimacy guru. Chris is looking forward to finding “romantic chemistry.”

They start off with some meditating, then Carly gets to have some fun blindfolding Chris. This develops into “exploring” Chris’ body, complete with nuts and chocolate.

Then they begin “unmasking” each other, which involves taking off each other’s clothing. Chris thinks it’s awkward, as the stripping process continues. The last piece of the date, if you can call it that, includes Carly sitting on Chris’ lap and just awkwardly breathing into each other’s faces and touching. Chris says he’s excited to take the relationship to the “next level.”

Kelsey then talks to the girls about the death of her husband. Ashley thinks it’s weird because of how nonchalant she is being about the story.

Group date goes to Jade, Megan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Mackenzie, Becca, Samantha, Ashley and Kelsey. “I’m rapidly falling in love,” the note says. This leaves Britt for the second one-on-one. Clearly some of the women are not impressed that they have not gotten to go on a solo date with Chris yet.

Back at Chris and Carly’s date, the intimacy continues, except this time in a lot less awkward manner. They just relax in front of the fireplace with some champagne. Carly tells Chris about her last longterm boyfriend and how he never wanted to be physical. Carly then asks about Chris’ struggle with relationships. Carly says that she has just been with the wrong people and that Chris makes her feel “special.”

Chris presents the date rose to Carly, which ensures that she will be returning next week.