'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

The next morning after the extremely weird camping date, Jillian tells the girls that Jade got the princess date.

A team then shows up to the Mansion to prepare Jade for the ball. She’s a “modern-day Cinderella” and Chris doesn’t even know who will be coming. Ashley I is also incredibly jealous.

Jade picks a floral gown that “makes her feel like a princess,” complete with glass slippers. She gets to keep both the shoes and the diamond earrings.

The stylist then shows her a clip of the upcoming live-action “Cinderella.” That wasn’t planned, right?

Interrupted again by the Snowmageddon report, Jade and Chris are in the middle of their date. A huge, sparkling glass slipper sits in the middle of the room, along with the rose. Jade opens up to Chris about how she’s been engaged before, as has Chris.

A very drunk Ashley I puts on a princess gown and chills on the sofa eating corn on the cob.

The bedazzled evening ends with Jade receiving the rose. And another surprise–up the grand staircase and through the doors appear an orchestra, to which they then dance together (plus another commercial for “Cinderella” appears). At the stroke of midnight, Chris kisses Jade. How dramatic/romantic.

The second group date card goes to Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, Becca. “Let’s get dirty,” the letter reads. There’s also six huge presents with wedding dresses in them. Those wedding dresses aren’t meant to stay pure white though–they’re going through a Muckfest run.


The first one to cross the finish line gets a one-on-one with Chris. Jillian wins the obstacle course and gets to spend the rest of the day with Chris in San Francisco.

They get to enjoy dinner (not eating it) while overlooking the San Francisco skyline. Chris starts asking her where she wants to be in life in five years. She admits to not knowing but discusses her journey to where she is now. Chris then admits himself that her words begin floating over his head so he thinks about “unicorns and fairies.”

Then they play an uncomfortable round of “Would you rather?” Instead of answering, Chris sends Jillian packing without a rose.

Did you see that coming?