Before the rose ceremony begins, everyone jumps at the opportunity to speak with Chris. As usual.

Megan plays a game of blindfolded eating while Ashley I has a plan up her sleeves to tell Chris in a straightforward manner that she is a virgin. He seems to be totally caught off guard but says “that’s great.” But he also admits it makes him respect her more.

She has a total meltdown and Mackenzie tells everyone else that Ashely I is a virgin. Becca then admits that, she too, is a virgin. Remember at the premiere when Harrison said that a virgin was invited to the fantasy suite dates? Okay.

Some major drama then enters the Mansion. Britt, who is a fan favorite for many, confronts Chris on who he is deciding to give roses to. She questions his decision to give a rose to Kaitlyn and Chris tells her that there are two sides to Kaitlyn. He says he’s not “rewarding” inappropriate behavior but he is obviously mad about the confrontation. “I will handle this like a man,” he says.

The women that will be returning next week are Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I and Britt.

What did you think of Britt’s decision to confront Chris?