'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Tonight’s episode of “The Bachelor” promises a night full of drama. But that’s not very different from most weeks, now is it?

Though the show had a late start thanks to Snowmageddon, Harrison tells the ladies that there are two group dates and a single one-on-one this week. The twist is that Chris’ three sisters will be deciding who gets to go on the one-on-one.

The first group date goes to Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley S, Ashley I, Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey with a “let’s do what feels natural note.” So how do the girls prepare? By attempting to look natural.

The date takes them to a lake where some of the girls just decide to start stripping down. Kelsey is not impressed.

Back at the Mansion, Chris’ sisters join the ladies.

Chris’ sisters get to spend some one-on-one time with each of the girls and ask some questions to help them decide who gets the personal time with Chris. Britt is worried about “winning them over.”

At the group date, Kelsey is obviously not enjoying herself and refers to it as a “hell hole.” Chris’ surprise it that they have to set up a tent. Camping time!

The next date card goes to Jade for a “royal ball,” which is also the date that was picked by Chris’ sisters.

Chris describes to Kaitlyn how he’s a “touchy-feely” guy and they have a romantic moment gazing up at the moon. Ashley S has some campfire fun and Mackenzie begins talking about aliens…again.

Ashley S spends some personal time with Chris, which just make things super awkward. Chris doesn’t know how to respond to her shenanigans. Ashley I also wants to make an effort to “know” Chris.

The group date rose goes to Kaitlyn.

Ashley I then decides to do some sneaking around and invites herself into Chris’ tent, which then leads to making out. But she’s not a “hook up girl,” apparently.



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