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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

It’s a hoedown throwdown on the group date and Kimmel is, once again, taking control. The ladies have a lot of farming activities to do and apparently, Jillian thinks she is super prepared after having worked out the night before.

Corn shucking is first on the list and then comes time for collecting some eggs from the chicken coop. Mackenzie gets eliminated because she touched the yolk, so the remaining girls take on milking a goat and proceed to chug the milk. Then the fun part comes up scooping up manure and dumping it to continue on to try to catch a pig. Carly wins, which seems good since she drank the milk..and she’s lactose intolerant.

She gets a ribbon from Kimmel and reenacts “American Gothic.” Then it’s time to make more donations to the “amazing jar.” ‘Cause wrangling farm animals and hauling manure is just so amazing.

Cat claws are out when Carly quickly pulls Chris away from the group. They get one-on-one time and more kissing. Then Amber invites him to do some music-less dancing…and kissing. Mackenzie doesn’t like the fact that he’s kissing so many women and calls him out on it. He’s a little lost for words but says “it’s part of a relationship.” The other girls start questioning his “method” too.

Becca goes in for a hug and admits she doesn’t want to rush anything with a kiss. She hopes that doesn’t mean she won’t get the rose. She does get the rose, much to Ashley S’ consternation, looking confused sitting next to him.

Back at the Mansion, Whitney gets the next date after worrying that she hadn’t really gotten time with Chris up to that point. “No whining,” Kimmel signs it.

Chris and Whitney’s date takes them to a beautiful vineyard and Chris discusses what he wants in a woman. He says he wants all the “cliched” things and a girl who can be herself. Whitney then convinces Chris to crash a wedding because YOLO. Their plan that they concoct is to pretend they’re engaged. Worst case scenario? They end up in jail. Good plan, guys.

Back in the limo, with more fancy clothes on and a gift, they go crash the wedding. They immediately start interacting with the guests with Whitney donning her fake engagement ring. Chris is totally uncomfortable about talking to these random strangers so Whitney starts holding the conversations. They have some fun on the dance floor and totally keep the fact that they are not supposed to be there a secret.

By the end of the date, they both owe some money to the “amazing jar.” Whitney also gets a rose at the end of the date.

Jimmy Kimmel joins Chris in the outdoor shower and Kimmel “has his back.” Kimmel joins the ladies and observes how full the “amazing jar” is. Then he drops the news that there is no cocktail party. Instead, there’s a pool party.

Ashley I. is disappointed that she can’t do her “Kardashian look.” Once pool time comes, the black box censor comes out.

Juelia opens up about her husband’s mental illness and that she took her daughter after he had a break down. She tells Chris that he died by suicide. Chris tells her that she can see a lot of strength in her and “not to put so much pressure on herself.”

Who do you think will get sent home?

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