Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter
Jimmy Kimmel’s Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel guest hosts on “The Bachelor” tonight and things get a little weird. Or weirder than they usually are.

Kimmel surprises an “unsuspecting” Chris who is sleeping. Chris’ response? ” What the ****?” That seems like a good comeback for someone who sneaks into your room.

Harrison then introduces the ladies to the guest host for the evening. He will be helping plan the dates and even goes on some of the dates with Chris. He also introduces the “amazing jar,” putting a dollar in every time someone says that word.


Kaitlyn gets the first one-on-one date. They arrive at Costco and neither Chris nor Kaitlyn seem too impressed. Kimmel calls it the “most romantic place imaginable” and leaves them with a shopping list to prepare for dinner.

Chris thinks Kaitlyn is handling the odd date well and says they have chemistry. How can you not when you have enough ketchup to fill a hot tub?

Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to mind much and liked the “normal” date. They both really hope that Kimmel doesn’t show up but that hope isn’t held onto for very long.

Kimmel interrupts their kissing and asks how the completely romantic date at Costco went. Kimmel and Chris both really like that Kaitlyn is into steak and whiskey too. Kimmel also admits that he likes to ask the “awkward questions.”

He starts talking about the fantasy suite dates and whether she would be mad if Chris slept with all three women, including her. Nope, apparently she would not. “Try to have sex with everyone,” Kimmel offers as advice to Chris. Then Kimmel jokingly comments that they should do a threesome.

Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Nikki and Carly receive the next group date. They get to meet some “real party animals.”

Chris gives the rose to Kaitlyn and, by the end of his speech to her, owes $2 to the “amazing jar.” The third wheel finally leaves, which means the kissing and hot tub time can commence. Turns out, Kimmel didn’t leave–he ends up sitting in the hot tub right next to them.

What do you think of the episode so far?

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