Back at the Mansion, Mackenzie dishes on her date and how Chris and her kissed. The girls are all super shocked and Whitney says how they “didn’t really need to know that.”

On their date, Megan and Chris enjoy some scenery during their helicopter ride and arrive at the Grand Canyon. Chris tells Megan that she has “the most beautiful blue eyes.”

Megan opens up to Chris about when her dad passed away and how her mom still encouraged her to go to LA for “The Bachelor.” “The perfect day, with the perfect person,” Chris says.

Megan is the second person to accept the rose and Chris ends this date with a kiss as well.

The next group date card is delivered and Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S, Juelia, Kaitlyn and Britt are next up. “‘Til death do us part,” it reads.

They arrive at a haunted house where their limo is attacked by zombies. Don’t worry though, Chris comes to save the day after completely freaking them all out. The details of the date are killing zombies with a paintball gun. Ashley S seems to think she is shooting the other girls and not the zombies…

Clearly no one trusts Ashley S with her gun.

Some of the girls back at the Mansion then decide to do some twerking, while drunk. Things get awkward during Jordan’s interview when she starts talking some serious crap on Jillian.

The girls confront Ashley S on how “trigger happy” she was during the group date. No one really knows what she is talking about. Kaitlyn talks to Chris in private and she says how she just wants to laugh with him. She tells him about living in Germany and putting everything on hold to be there. Aaaannnd there’s another kiss.

Ashley S talks about “finding the truth” as well. She decides it’s a good idea to recommend playing a game of hide and seek with Chris. Chris tells her he’s afraid of drowning after rapidly switching topics and her asking what his biggest fear is. One-on-one time gets cut short when Chris discovers how strange she is.

Britt gets some private time next and Chris definitely has some strong feelings for her. He gives her a “Free Kiss” present. The rose goes to Kaitlyn for the evening.

Who do you think will get the roses tonight?