Whitney gets really awkward with her one-on-one time with Chris talking about fertility and pig insemination. Another bachelorette then gives Chris a heart-shaped rock she had recently picked up on a trip to Peru. He goes exploring for the secret admirer, Amanda, and gets some personal time.

Her eyes get really big in order to “make eye contact and be engaging.” The camera work makes it even funnier zooming in closely on her eyes.

The next three limos arrive and all the girls are freaking out. How dare there be more girls, right? Samantha feels grateful to be there, Michelle says her heart is pounding. Juelia and Becca arrive and Chris takes a long look at Becca. The next girl arrives on a motorcycle, which Chris obviously likes. All the girls in the Mansion are crazy jealous of the new arrivals.

Alissa brings Chris a present–a seatbelt for “the bumpy ride.” Jordan presents him a bottle of whiskey and they each do a shot. Nicole arrives with a pig nose to “ham it up and make him feel at home.” Brittany, a “diva in training,” gives him a #Soulesmates. The next girl Carly sings her intro from a corny pink karaoke machine.

One last limo arrives, which the women are not pleased with who were already there. Tracy steps out and reads notes from her fourth grade class. Bo exclaims how handsome he is while Kimberly and Kara meet Chris. The last one to arrive is Jade and Chris says that it’s “perfection.”

Chris proceeds to toast all 30 women. The girls are all vying for a chance to speak with Chris, with eight getting eliminated before the end of the evening. Kaitlyn teaches Chris some dance moves on the patio of the Mansion, made all the more difficult in a suit. He seems to be intrigued by her. Everyone is being interrupted during their attempt for a one-on-one session.

Who do you think will get the first impression rose?

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