It’s time for Chris to meet the ladies of this season’s “Bachelor.” He talks about how different Los Angeles is than Iowa and how nervous he is. The first set of bachelorettes discuss how “hot” and “sexy” he is, as they giggle away in the limo.

Under the twinkling city lights of LA, the limo arrives. Britt is the first to meet him and there’s a whole lot of awkward breathing going on. “Free Hug, from Britt,” the note reads. Whitney is up next, followed by Kelsey. She says how excited she is for “this adventure.” Megan follows and says how nervous she feels. Ashley I says how lucky the women are to meet him.

The next limo brings Trina who opens with “Hello Farmer Chris.” Reegan arrives with a biohazard container filled with a fake heart. Next up is Tara, dressed to the “farmer” nines. Clearly not everyone agrees with her fashion choice of not being in a gown.

Amber is the next to be introduced with her teddy bear, followed by Nikki. Tara sneaks back into the limo, now dressed in a cocktail dress and stilettos. The next girl has a letter delivered to Chris before stepping out of the limo. “Please turn away from the limo and close your eyes,” it reads.

The “secret admirer” is from Amanda, who leaves before Chris even opens his eyes. Jillian notices how Chris has been working out and has him touch her biceps. Mackenzie is next and also says how she is nervous. Next up, Ashley S says how happy she is and gives Chris, er, sticks it in his shoe, a lucky penny. Kaitlyn admits she doesn’t know much about Chris but can “plow her field” any day. It is then time to head inside the Mansion after the first 15 have arrived. Chris is clearly confused having only 15 women to meet.

Chris reiterates that he’s there to find his wife and things are made super awkward by a joke from Kaitlyn. Chris goes to talk privately with Britt first and says that she wants to be the one that he comes to for a hug. She also explains how she wants the small-town life. While Chris talks to more women, the others are still obviously confused that there are women missing.

Harrison then delivers the first impression rose. The pressure mounts.

Back at the live portion, Harrison speaks with six women from Chris’ hometown and gets them to dish on his early life.