The newest bachelor begins his quest for love tonight in the season 19 premiere of “The Bachelor.” Chris Soules will be meeting 30 bachelorettes–five more than the typical amount–at the grand Mansion. They are all vying for that coveted rose.

Soules, the 33-year old Iowa native, was one of three remaining contestants in Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette.” During the week of fantasy suite dates, however, he was sent home. He is back now in this season of “The Bachelor” to find love.

The premiere starts with “Prince Farming” talking about his family, love and, well…farming. Oh, and he also rides a motorcycle. “There’s really nothing more important to me right now than finding my soul mate,” Soules says. The comments referencing were in full supply as well.

On the red carpet live portion of the premiere, Chris Harrison talks to previous bachelors/bachelorettes about what it was like their season and what they’re up to now. Sean and Catherine talk about life since the show. Marcus and Lacy from “Bachelor In Paradise” were brought back to talk about their engagement and wedding plans. Lacy says that they are a little “80/40 on the exact date.”

Some of the bachelorettes are then introduced. Britt is introduced first and says how important intimacy is in a relationship. Jillian, a fitness buff is then introduced. “Finding love is a competition,” she says. Ballet instructor Amanda then explains what she is looking for in a relationship. Whitney, a fertility nurse, gives her story as well, including talking about her dog. Mackenzie tells her story next and talks about her son, Kale.

Next up is Alissa, a flight attendant, who says that Chris seems “genuine.” She adds that love can “feel like flying.” Kelsey, a school counselor, talks about how she is a widow and explains how she’s walking into the unknown but is “excited.”

Andi and Josh are up next on the red carpet and discuss their wedding. They haven’t started planning yet but talk about Chris, having both known him firsthand from their season.

Nikki then talks Juan Pablo about how each of them “expressed their emotions,” or lack thereof. She says they weren’t able to express themselves. They recently broke up but “it’s okay, it’s okay” because as Nikki says, “they’re just two different people…and he’s really caring.”

Next up: meeting the bachelorettes.

What do you think of the premiere so far?

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