'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Chris is excited about finally being able to go public about his relationship with Whitney.

That excitement is cut short by Harrison beginning to question Chris about his feelings for Becca. He further discusses how he felt as though she was always uncertain but that he just wants to move forward.

Chris also admits that Whitney has watched this season but only watches the portions that she is in. Smart move.

Then, Chris comes face to face with Becca once again. They both appreciate each other’s honesty and Chris feels confident in his decision. Harrison then questions Becca over her unwillingness to fall in love. She felt unsure but was always very levelheaded about her thoughts. She hopes to be open to falling in love someday.

Harrison also continues the dramatic buildup to some “unprecedented announcement.”

Whitney and Chris are then finally introduced in public for the first time as an engaged couple. Whitney continues on with her “holy cows” and reiterates how happy she is. Chris says that Whitney constantly “amazes” him and also how he was looking for someone just like his sisters.


Harrison questions Whitney on why she doesn’t want to watch the season and she says it’s because she feels very confident. They’re both ready to move forward and Whitney intends on moving to Arlington in the future. In a never-before-seen clip, it shows Chris’ parents meeting them at the barn shortly after he proposed and Chris and Whitney discuss having babies.

Harrison also questions Ashley S, who is in the audience, about something he asked her during the Women Tell All. He asks about her joining the cast of “Bachelor In Paradise” and she says that she will be going on the show. That should be entertaining!

Harrison then spills Whitney’s secret about going on trips, her “rendezvous,” with Chris and his family. Jimmy Kimmel is then brought out and dishes on what happened that season. He also calls out Ashley S and says that she “thinks she is on ‘The Price Is Right.'” Kimmel then makes things super awkward and jokes that Becca was keying Whitney’s car.

He tells Chris that Becca just wasn’t that into him. Sorry not sorry.

Kimmel also has a gift for the happy couple…and it’s a cow. Its name is Juan Pablo and it “doesn’t speak any English.”



Then the big announcement is made that everyone has been waiting for: It’s between Britt and Kaitlyn and instead of making a decision, they are both chosen as the next bachelorettes. The 25 guys the evening of the premiere choose who gets to stay. Decisions are tough to come by this season.

The stage is then filled with a bunch of awkward laughs from the two women. Kaitlyn admits that she doesn’t think it’s ideal. It should be an interesting premiere, filled with tons of awkwardness. “The Bachelorette” premieres May 18.


Were you surprised by their announcement?

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