'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Prince Farming’s quest for love comes to an end tonight! It all comes down to Whitney and Becca and by the end of the evening, Chris Soules could potentially propose to one of them and take them home to Iowa. During the After the Final Rose, the next Bachelorette will also be announced.

The finale begins in Arlington and Chris is feeling “overwhelmed” at having to make the decision of who to ultimately choose. He is looking for support from his family and definitely value their input.

Whitney is the first to meet Chris’ family and Chris’ dad gets a great first impression. She mentions how she watched “The Bachelorette” last season and how much she liked him then. She talks with his sisters about Chris’ reservations about her moving to Iowa but how much she loves Chris. She is hoping for approval from his sisters, who then go to speak with Chris. They think she is totally amazing.


Chris talks the pros and cons of each woman and definitely seems to be leaning more towards Becca’s qualities.

In the melodramatic lead in, it’s time for Whitney to have some one-on-one time with Chris’ mother. Whitney tells her about how she lost her mom and how welcomed she and the rest of the family have made her feel. It doesn’t seem as though Chris’ mom has any problems with Whitney.

“Don’t you dare forget how much I love you,” Whitney tells Chris before leaving.

Chris then talks with his family about how he feels about Becca but the family seems to think he should have made up his mind by now. They have not yet met Becca, however, they clearly like Whitney with Chris. His brother-in-law thinks it’s “highly unfortunate” that Chris is feeling 50/50 about his decision.

Now, it’s time for the family to meet Becca. She wants to make a good first impression and falls right into making natural conversation. She seems comfortable going into the meeting with his sisters. Becca admits that she sees their relationship as more long distance until she is sure that Chris is the one. That concerns his sisters, which they tell Chris. They want her to be more open and vulnerable. He wants to take a risk though.

Who do you think Chris will choose?

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