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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

Chris’ mom thinks that he definitely does have a very hard decision to make. She questions her about logistics and how she is from California. His mother wonders what will make her want to move to Iowa.

Becca admits that she and Whitney are on opposite sides of the spectrum with Whitney being ready to start a family and how she is feeling unsure. Chris’ mom tells her not to worry so much and she can see how much she cares for Chris.

Becca has some tough decisions to make and she leaves with uncertainty. Chris’ father thinks that Whitney is a sure thing but can tell how much Chris cares about Becca.

So many decisions to be made!


With two days left to make all those decisions, however, it’s time to tie up some loose ends. Chris goes to meet with Becca in the hotel and he’s looking for some clarity, but not before making out. He talks about their future and further struggles with his insecurities about the small-town life. Chris seems disappointed over her unwillingness to offer some clarity to their future.

Chris still seems unsure about Becca’s feelings but he feels hopeful that she wants to be with him.

During Chris and Whitney’s last date, Chris is looking for clarity with Whitney as well. Their date consists of spending some time on his farm and plowing the corn. Whitney can tell that Chris is in his “happy place” on the farm.

Chris tells Whitney that he and his family have over 800 acres of farmland and they continue on with their date at Chris’ home. Whitney says that she doesn’t have any insecurities and hopes that Chris doesn’t either.

Whitney and Chris resume their alone time in the hotel and Whitney expresses her excitement over having seen Chris in his element. She likes the simple life and “being domestic” but still wants to clarify any last-minute doubts.

Whitney is very sure about how much she wants to be with Chris. They both seem confident, though a little scared. Whitney feels as though she has “put her heart in Chris’ hands.”