'The Bachelor' Twitter
‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

It’s time, Bachelor fans! Chris still feels very unsure about his decision but still meets with the jeweler for a sparkly engagement ring. The gowns and tux are out and it’s time for the biggest decision yet.

Arriving at the barn, there is one rose left. Who will be the future Mrs. Soules?

Chris says that he is feeling “devastated” at having to make this decision. Becca is the first to enter the barn and Chris shares some sweet sentiments. However, because he feels as though she is not ready, he does not propose to Becca. He doesn’t think that he is the one to give Becca what she needs and they give a heartbreaking goodbye.

Driving away, Becca doesn’t seem very emotional over his choice. She says that she is in shock and can’t process what just happened.

Still waiting for that dramatic ending to the journey, Whitney rejoins Chris in the barn. She says that she has known since the very beginning how she felt and that she loves him. Chris reminisces about all their great moments as well. Chris proposes to Whitney and she is given the final rose. The proposal ends with Chris’ corny laugh and them gazing out at the sunset.

Were you rooting for Whitney?