The tropical paradise continues with plenty of drama in the “Bachelor In Paradise” premiere. Everyone totally freaks out when they think someone is naked in the ocean, only to find out it’s Marcus in tiny little swim trunks. They’re all after Marcus–especially Lacy who is in the water with him. Robert decides to take matters into his own hands with Lacy. He’s been into her ever since he met her…you mean, that day? There’s also a lot of creepy spying going. Marcus and Clare are just casually watching Dylan and Elise kiss in the ocean.


Every has to start “mingling” so they don’t get eliminated at the end of the week, especially wince there are seven girls and six guys. Looking for a date card, it’s time for everyone to make a connection. Michelle stumbles upon the first date card. Clare gets to choose the first guy to go on a date with and she says she “had a dream about it.” She picks Graham and Ashlee freaks out over the fact that he didn’t deny the date request.



The best part of the first major cry scene may just be the raccoon listening in on Clare’s conversation and all. The raccoon clearly isn’t amused. Clare confronts AshLee about what she’s upset over and even says that Ashlee can go on the date if she wants. They agree on Clare finding a different guy so there’s already a cancelled date. So then she goes and chooses Robert to go check out the ruins. After Graham tries talking to AshLee, she gives him the cold shoulder. Good way to handle things…

Clare and Rob then go on their date and walk around the ruins and onto this vista, even though she “doesn’t even know what a vista is.” The climb to the top of the temple does not begin well as Rob gets covered in hundreds of fire ants. No problem through as Clare suggests he take his shirt off to keep from getting bit. Why not? Clare admits as she’s actually afraid of heights while they’re taking a selfie high up on the temple. At least the view is nice.

Some of the girls are still gushing over Marcus since he’s “stunning,” according to Lacy. He tells her that his dating life has been “nonexistent.” The flirting ensues to complimenting each other’s eyes. Sarah gets the next date card and asks Marcus on the date that evening. They travel to Solo Traje de Baño and go down into a water-filled cave. They decide to jump into the oasis for a swim and there’s even some kissing involved. Lacy’s upset that she’s not getting dates with any of the guys she likes as well. As someone new arrives, the girls who were already there worry over a double elimination.

What do you think so far?