An Australian chef killed his girlfriend before killing himself, but the way that he did was both sickening and bizarre.

The scene unfolded on Oct. 1, when Australian police responded to complaints about a “rotting meat” smell coming from Marcus Volke’s apartment in Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland. Courtney Thorensen-Reichart, a tenant in the apartment complex, told the Brisbane Times:

“I smelled something a few days ago, but we’ve had sewerage problems through the building over the past few weeks, which building managers have been trying to solve. It smelled like off dog food, so I just thought someone had either been feeding their animal or the dog had made a mess.”

When the police arrived at Volke’s apartment, they found something far worse than an animal making a mess. They authorities found Voke boiling several parts of his transgendered Indonesian girlfriend, Mayang Prasetyo, in chemicals.

Volke immediately fled the scene, and according to the Huffington Postused a knife to kill himself in a bin near his apartment complex. According to Yahoo! News, Volke’s mother said that there was no warning signs that anything was wrong with Volke, but she said hadn’t seen her son for a week before the incident. She said:

 “I’m not sure what he was doing — last we know he was working on boats.”

Many of Prasetyo’s family and friends took t social media to express their shock and sadness over her death:  

Authorities said that they could not at this time pinpoint how long Prasetyo was dead before the gruesome discovery, and are now going through security camera footage from nearby apartment complexes.
[Photo Credit: Photopin]