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An art student’s clever comeback to her teacher is making waves on social media. In response to the teacher’s critique that she “dial down the feminism,” an artist designed a brand new piece—and it’s going viral.

According to the HuffPost, 23-year-old art student Alex Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes was inspired to create the piece after her teacher told her to “dial down the feminism”—a tip that is prominently featured in the London artist’s work. Her composition includes the teacher’s suggestion, in addition to a dial with two extremes: “complicit in my own dehumanisation” and “raging feminist.” The dial in the center of the piece is pointed directly at the latter option. The artwork received a lot of attention on social media; garnering more than 80,000 retweets and 300,000 likes on Twitter.

The artist, who is currently studying art & design with a focus on visual communication and moving image, later shared how “overwhelmed” she was by the response to her piece. She tweeted, “Thanks for all the love shown to this piece, it really means the world.” She also revealed that she was considering selling prints and t-shirts featuring the clever comeback.

Social media users were divided when it came to how they felt about the project. Some praised the message while others criticized the artist’s response. See how Twitter users reacted to the artwork below:

Social Media Reacts to Art Student’s Clever Comeback to “Dial Down the Feminism” Comment

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