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The Super Bowl is just three days away and the predictions are rolling in from avid football fans—including those from the animal kingdom. April the giraffe and Jimmy Fallon’s puppy predictors have made their pick and they’re predicting the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LII.

April the giraffe, the internet sensation that went viral last year after millions watched a live-stream video of her pregnancy (and the birth of her calf), made her prediction in a video shared by the Animal Adventure Park. In the video, April can be seen walking around her pen, where posters representing the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are displayed with lettuce on top. She ultimately chooses to snack on the lettuce above the Patriots sign, picking the five-time Super Bowl champions to be this year’s winner.

Not everyone was on April’s side in response to her pick. “April, I hope you are wrong,” one user wrote on the YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 50,000 times. Other people agreed with the famous giraffe. One person commented, “Yes! April you are a smart lady!! Go Pats!”

Jimmy Fallon’s adorable “panel of puppies” also guessed which team would win as part of “The Tonight Show” host’s annual puppy prediction. After being released from their enclosure, the puppies ran toward two food bowls: one marked with an Eagles logo and the other with a Patriots logo. Most of the 11 puppies favored the blue bowl, indicating that they predicted the Patriots would win over the underdogs.

April the giraffe and the puppies weren’t the only animals to predict a Patriots win. A woodchuck at the Boston Museum of Science, a crocodile at the Fort Worth Zoo and lions at the Dallas Zoo also chose the Patriots. Of course, there were also animals who picked the Eagles, including a panda at the Memphiz Zoo and Fiona the hippo, the viral sensation from the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Super Bowl begins Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m. on NBC.

What are your thoughts on animals “predicting” the Super Bowl champion? Which team are you hoping will win Super Bowl LII? Sound off in the comments section below!