Apple iPod Classic Discontinued As Parts Can No Longer Be Found

Apple iPod Classic has been discontinued, seeing the parts are hard to come by now. The iconic MP3 player is currently being removed from retail stores and online shops.

iPod Classic has been discontinued in back in September. It has been discovered now that the reason Apple pulled the plug on the MP3 player is because they can’t the find parts for it anymore.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has spoken on the discontinuation of the iPod Classic today. He says:

“We couldn’t get the parts anymore. They don’t make them anymore. We would have to make a whole new product … the engineering work to do that would be massive … the number of people who wanted it is very small.”

Apple iPod Classic however is still in demand, even though they will soon be discontinued. Not everyone wants to own an iPhone, and some people have different phones. This is the ideal owner of an iPod, who doesn’t use their phone for music.

Apple iPod was revolutionary when it came out, leaving other MP3 players in the dust. The device is able to hold up to 160GB of music, pictures, and videos. The click wheel makes it easy to find just about anything on the MP3 player.

Apple iPod Classic being discontinued has been something that was bound to happen. Since 2007, when the iPhone was released, the iPod was then given a lifespan. This is because the iPhone can do exactly the same thing as the iPod, plus a whole lot more.

iPod Classic getting discontinued will strike a chord for people with large music libraries, that can’t fit it all on a 16GB iPhone, an area the iPod beats the iPhone in. Many love the original iPod, and the impact it had on the music world will never be forgotten.

Apple iPod Classic has been discontinued, due to a lack of parts. It’s sad to see an old friend fall into obscurity. RIP iPod Classic.