The contentious 2016 presidential election has not become any less controversial since Donald Trump was announced as the new president-elect last Wednesday. Anti-Trump protests have broken out across the nation, at times becoming violent. Thousands of people have gathered in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco to protest Trump’s policies on immigration, health care, the environment and more. Protesters have chanted and held signs that say “Not My President” and “Love Trumps Hate” through the city streets as they voice their opinions on the president-elect’s stances.

But one sign, in particular, is sparking further outrage on social media. During a protest this weekend, one protester held a sign saying “Rape Melania” outside of a Trump hotel in Washington, D.C. The image of the sign began circulating and “Rape Melania” soon became a trending topic on Twitter.

According to the Washington Post, “Twitter emphasized that the phrase trended because people denounced it, not because people advocated sexual assault.” Others have questioned the sign’s legitimacy, questioning whether the abhorrent words could have been Photoshopped. Either way, the sign drew outrage from Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters alike, with many anti-Trump protesters proclaiming that “it was not representative of the protests.”

Social Media Reacts to Protester’s ‘Rape Melania’ Sign

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Photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group, Flickr