Anderson Cooper is making one of the best viral social media moments so far of 2017 even better by reenacting a fast food Twitter feud. The talk show host and news anchor reported the exchange between Wendy’s and Twitter user Thuggy-D, who questioned the fast food chain’s “fresh, never frozen” motto.

CNN’s Cooper and a member of the studio crew hilariously reenacted the exchange. Cooper can barely keep a straight face as he reads the tweets from the point-of-view of Wendy’s, giggling throughout the report. “It’s like the kind of tweet no one could possibly have a problem with, right?” Cooper asks. Wrong. Of course, someone out there just had to start an argument with a fast food company’s social media page. That’s where the fast food chain’s savagery ends and the fierce Twitter feud reenactment begins.

It all started with a seemingly innocuous tweet from Wendy’s, which reminded its followers about its “fresh, never frozen” beef slogan. That’s when Thuggy-D, who initially deleted their account after the incident, stepped in and questioned how genuine their policy really was.

While Wendy’s attempts to educate the user about their fresh beef policy, the feud really heats up when they sarcastically ask if it’s delivered raw on a truck—prompting a sassy response from Wendy’s asking where they store cold things that aren’t frozen. The user then responded yet again, saying that McDonald’s serves better breakfast. The ultimate mic drop moment is the final tweet from Wendy’s: “You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there.”

Wendy’s continued tweeting snarky comments, especially to users who were specifically asking to be “roasted.” Some of their responses throughout the rest of the day included disses against Burger King and McDonald’s—featuring one that proclaimed fast food chain McDonald’s is trash.

Users continued to tweet at Wendy’s, praising the social media manager and trying to think of something clever enough to say to get a response themselves. Thuggy-D, who later rejoined Twitter, even tweeted a photo of his Wendy’s meal Wednesday evening.

I guess that’s what you get when, much like burgers, you don’t cut corners on social media.

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