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Former “American Idol” finalist Bo Bice is alleging that he experienced “racist prejudice” at a Popeyes in the Atlanta Airport. The singer, who was runner-up to Carrie Underwood in season four, claims an employee at the fast food chain called him “white boy,” prompting outrage from both sides of the issue on social media.

Bice is claiming that on Friday, Dec. 30, an employee at Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen called him “white boy,” later expressing outrage over the incident on his Facebook page. His first post, in which he called out the employee and attached a photo, was later deleted by Facebook, however, he later reposted it, adding that Facebook’s decision to remove the post “silenced the opinion of all of you and me who are tired of the racist double standards that have infested our society.” He added:

All I wanted was an apology… Now, Popeyes’s will be hearing from my attorney, and to all you FB fans of mine, I’ll be deleting this communist media platform from my devices and life. You took CORPORATE POPEYE’S side Facebook, but you should have checked the validity of their complaint. You cannot stifle my opinion and TRUTHS without it being seemingly one sided. Read trough the post and show me where my words meet the rules that FB has in place for removing posts.

In an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta, Bice said that when three employees asked whose food was ready, one of them said, “that white boy.” He added that, had the tables been turned, people would have been boycotting and not buying his albums. He also claimed the incident was part of a bigger problem in society. “It’s time for us to wake up and start having some dialogue,” Bice said. “It’s not 1960, it’s 2017 and we are all adults here.”

He again took to Facebook Wednesday morning to respond to the backlash he was receiving on social media, dispelling some of the many theories people were mentioning. Some of his points were directed towards those who believed his entire story was made up, those who mocked the fact he began to cry in his Fox News interview and explaining why the employee wasn’t fired. He also encouraged people to look at the “hateful, racist comments” and “double standard” comments that were being made on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wednesday evening, Bice posted another update, this time to inform his followers that the VP of Popeyes had apologized and confirmed that instead of being fired, the employee had been suspended. According to People magazine, he has dropped any plans for legal action. “The uncomfortable dialogue opened through this unfortunate event needs to be had so we can stop anyone, of any color, race or creed from feeling demeaned or discriminated against,” Bice wrote. He also informed his followers that he would be doing an interview with TMZ about the “conversations” that had been created on social media.

After news of the incident emerged, social media users responded, offering both support and outrage.

Social Media Reacts to Bo Bice Controversy; Popeyes ‘White Boy’ Comment

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