Troubled celebrity Amanda Bynes was seen sleeping in a Los Angeles mall Thursday. She blames her parents for this one, too.

The photos, captured by TMZ show Bynes slumped over and snoozing on a couch outside Bloomingdales in The Beverly Center mall. Bynes has been homeless as of late, bunking up with friends from time to time. The rest of the time, she has been seen drifting around the streets of LA.

Despite not having a place to live, Bynes still managed to respond to the photos on Twitter. She promptly blamed her parents, as she has for everything that has happened to her.

The saga revolving around Bynes and her parents has been epic and seemingly never-ending. The actress recently rehashed allegations against her father after being released from a psychiatric hospital. Bynes claims her father molested her and that her parents are lying to get her money.

Recently, her parents were seen packing up their home in Los Angeles, appearing to wash their hands of their troubled daughter and move back to Texas. They plan on hiring a third party to monitor Bynes’ movements. “Her mother being conservator is not doing her any good and Amanda is not progressing” a source told People. “They want someone she will respond to and work with. A professional conservator can live with her, have constant access to her and is equipped to deal with everything in a less emotional way.”

Bynes’ parents have been giving her gift cards daily, ranging from $50-$100. She recently took a job as a bartender to make ends meet. However, it is clear Bynes needs more than simple monetary help.

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