Amanda Bynes was hospitalized on Friday in Los Angeles after her parents Rick and Linda Bynes concocted an elaborate ruse to get her put on psychiatric lock down. Bynes was in New York City, acting abnormal and giving cause for concern with regard to her mental condition.

Bynes allegedly attempted to shoplift twice during her time in the Big Apple. Bynes attempted to steal a $200 hat from Bloomingdale’s and in the same day, had also tried to steal a $128 t-shirt from Pookie & Sebastian. When confronted over the attemptd theft, Bynes asked the security guard, “Do I really have to pay for this?” When she was told that she would have to pay, Bynes paid via credit card and left the store shortly thereafter.

During an interview to “In Touch Weeky”, Bynes said that she had a microchip installed in her brain and that she wanted a dollar from everyone who could read her mind. The same evening, Bynes took to her official Twitter account to deny reports of an interview. Bynes claimed that she planned on suing “Star” and “In Touch Weekly” over their claims of her strange behavior.

Amanda Bynes’ strange behavior didn’t stop with her in-store antics, but became worse when the troubled star accused her father Rick of incest on Twitter. Later, Bynes backtracked on the abuse accusations, but claimed that the microchip in her head caused her to make the accusations and that her father had her microchipped.

On Friday, former Britney Spears’ pal Sam Lutfi concocted a plan with Bynes’ parents in order to get her put on a 5150 hold in Pasadena, California. Lutfi reportedly contacted Bynes and told her that she needed to file a lawsuit against her parents and to fly to California to file suit and confront them directly. He advised her that her car would make two stops; one to her lawyer’s office and the next to the London Hotel where her parents were staying.

Upon her arrival at Pasadena Hospital, Bynes emerged to meet with her attorney, but was surrounded by healthcare officials who have committed her. She is currently being held on a 72-hour hold with the possibility of a two-week extension. Meanwhile, it’s being said that her parents are in the middle of obtaining another conservatorship over her affairs.

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