Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship allows for the troubled star to remain confined and medicated for up to a year, according to sources. Bynes was put under a 5150 psychiatric hold on Friday after her parents utilized the help of former Britney Spears confidante Sam Lutfi. He deceived her into thinking that she would be meeting up with her attorney in order to file a lawsuit against her parents, but she was actually taken to a mental health facility where she was placed under an involuntary hold.

The hold was originally set for 72 hours, but it was extended to two weeks. In that time, her parents were looking to get a conservatorship over her, but her doctors may have beaten them to the punch. Her doctors are in the process of getting an LPS Hold, which is basically committing her to the facility in order to administer medications.

Doctors plan on securing the LPS Hold when Bynes is fully diagnosed within the next week. The Hold will allow her doctors to give her medications against her will, whereas under a normal conservatorship, her parents wouldn’t have been able to do so — or confine her.

The LPS Hold is far more stringent than what her parents could get. The parents could not legally force meds on Amanda nor could they effectively restrain her. We’re told Amanda literally hates her parents now after they tricked her into coming to the mental hospital.

You may recall … doctors got an LPS Hold on Amanda a little more than a year ago after she went off the rails … ending with lighting a driveway on fire and dousing her dog with gasoline. That LPS Hold expired last month.

Things had gotten so bad for Bynes that she allegedly shoplifted while talking to herself, threatened to sue a magazine of which she’d given an interview, called her dad a child molester and then backtracked and had been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship through her doctors or parents will definitely prove to be beneficial to her overall mental well-being. Despite her feelings for her parents, she will adjust within a year’s time. It is quite likely that she may have to have a more long-term conservatorship so that she stays mentally well.

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