In recent months, Amanda Bynes has been the subject of much public speculation. There have been tabloid photos, talk of possible drug problems or mental health issues, and other guesswork and assumptions.

Bynes’ Twitter account on Friday briefly appeared to address some of these problems. First, she spoke about her appearance, saying she needed surgery and help looking pretty. She proceeded into mentioning her love life.

Then, she started talking about her dad.

These tweets go on through several more points, including a plan to get a restraining order against her father, and two angry tweets about her mother’s failure to report her dad to any authorities, then the stream gets really strange.

It’s not a bit clear whether Amanda Bynes has suffered a Twitter hack, a mental breakdown, a lifetime of abuse, or just a desire to punk the people who’ve been jumping to conclusions and speculating about her life and problems lately.

Whatever the case, there’s no question that the contents of the Twitter feed are disturbing. They closely follow a multi-tweet rant on Wednesday in which the actress threatened to sue multiple publications for printing false or misleading stories about her.

She’s clear about one thing throughout, though: she’d like people to stop jumping to conclusions about her life and her sanity.

Bynes has made headlines recently for a series of incidents, including alleged shoplifting. There have indeed also been a number of headlines focused on her appearance, including speculation about a photo in which she had a large bandage on her face.

Bynes hasn’t starred in any movies since 2010, when she played a student testing others’ perception of sexuality and success in Easy A. She spoke in 2012, saying that she was retiring from acting.

Hacked, microchipped, or abused, fans’ hearts should go out to Amanda Bynes, and offer support rather than intrusion or attacks.

Image: The Heart Truth