“Kiss My ALS.” If you need another reason to see how important the #ALSIceBucketChallenge is, simply take a look at the emotional video made by Anthony Carbajal. He is not only one of the tens of thousands of people who have participated in the challenge, but is also one of the tens of thousands of people in the U.S. who suffer from ALS. “I hate talking about it. That’s probably why nobody talks about it because it’s so challenging to watch, it’s so challenging to see, to talk about,” Carbajal says in his video.

And it is indeed challenging to watch. At only 26-years old, Carbajal had been diagnosed with ALS, adding that both his grandmother and mother suffer from it as well. One part of the video shows him taking care of his mother, who cannot move or eat without assistance. She can’t move without help and eats through a feeding tube. “Eventually I won’t be able to use my arms or hands at all–eventually I won’t be able to walk, talk and breathe on my own. And that’s the real truth of what ALS is,” he says in the video.

Carbajal illustrates the harsh reality that many people living with ALS face every day. He goes on to describe how since so few people in the U.S. have ALS, it isn’t profitable for pharmaceutical companies to invest in developing a drug because “he’s not profitable, he’s not worth saving.”

The video shows the importance of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge for raising awareness and how “every single challenge lifts the spirits of every ALS patient.” He does it himself in the beginning of the video, making for a funny and lighthearted moment. He acknowledges that his emotions were a bit all over the place throughout the video but emphasizes how grateful he is for the support. And what an overwhelming amount of support there has been. The ALS Association has raised $41.8 million to date compared to the $2.1 million they were receiving in the same time period last year. They have also accumulated close to 740,000 new donors.

It is important that these “Ice Bucket Challenge” videos are happening but remember that it goes beyond simply dumping a bucket of ice water over your head. It’s also important to remember the effect it has on people and the immense power social media has held in raising awareness for ALS. Keep in mind why you’re doing the challenge–it’s not just about participating in the latest viral Internet trend; it’s truly recognizing how much ALS affects people and making a difference.

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