The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than $100 million for the ALS Association. While much of that money will go towards research efforts, some factions of the internet have called out the organization for the way it spends money.

For every $1 raised by the ALS Foundation, $.28 goes to ALS Research, various programs aimed at finding a cure for the debilitating disease. That 28% threshold left some commenters complaining about a lack of funding for actual research.

However, the ALS Association was not founded for the sole purpose of finding a cure. The organization is also responsible for lending assistance to ALS sufferers. For example, the agency provides public assistance that improves a person’s quality of life.

Here’s the breakdown for how ALS Ice Bucket Challenge funds are spent.

  • 28 percent goes to ALS research.
  • 19 percent offers direct support to ALS sufferers.
  • 32 percent is spent on public and professional organizations.
  • 7 percent is spent on administrative costs (offices, employees, transportation, etc).
  • The remaining 14 percent is used for fundraising efforts, such as marketing.

Those numbers represent an incredibly low number of operating costs compared to many charities. In fact, the website CharityNavigator, gives the ALS Association a 90.77 overall score for spending and transparency.

In general the ALS Association uses its money where it matters, on research, professional care, and patient support. If you believe ALS research is the main priority, you might be better off looking for another organization to support. However, with no cure in sight, helping the quality of life among sufferers is still an important and immediately impactful event for someone living with the disease.