If you missed “America’s Got Talent” tonight, you missed an incredible premiere packed with some amazing talent, some pretty good acts, and some.. not so good performances. All of them, of course, brought a smile to my face! By far the smallest competitor, Adrian Romoff,  packed the largest punch tonight. And that’s saying something–considering we saw some “karate experts” this evening. (Do yourself a favor and check out these guys: Dustin’s Dojo. I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure what to think on those guys.)

Literally, this young fellow from Atlanta had my jaw dropped within the first few seconds of his performance. Adrian Romoff does not only have incredible talent playing the piano, he is also a child prodigy. He’s nine. Yes nine years old. Anyone want to wager a guess at what grade this 9 year old is in? He’s going into 10th grade. He will be in college before his classmates are in junior high school. Adrian says that he has another talent besides playing the piano, science. Ah, Adrian Romoff, you are a boy after my own heart! Who doesn’t love science!? (Ok, don’t answer that honestly.. I know Adrian and I are probably in the minority here…) Adrian says he’s too young to be a doctor–yet–but not too young to be a musician.  And a musician he is!

Adrian Romoff expresses his emotions with music as you can clearly see in the above video clip. My favorite quote from Adrian tonight was when asked if he was “That smart” (to skip so many grades) by Heidi Klum, he had a quick retort and said “According to reality, yes.” What a great quote. Ok and one more thing that I loved, his bowtie. Who doesn’t love a child prodigy who skips onto the stage, wearing a bow tie, who plays the piano incredibly with a lot of versatility, and is smarter in his 9 years than I can ever hope to be in my lifetime?

Howie says it best, “England has Harry Potter. We have you, [Adrian Romoff].” Adrian, I cannot wait to see the amazing things you do, not only on this show, but in your lifetime. Buckle up America, Adrian Romoff is a name you should get used to!