According to a filing Thursday by prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas,  Minnesota Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson admitted using drugs prior to a drug test on Wednesday.  Court reports state that Peterson, currently free on a $15,000 bond stemming from a felony child abuse charge, told a court employee that he had “smoked a little weed” prior to the test.  The employee in question is an agent for Davis Investigations which handles urinalysis for the court.

Using drugs is a direct violation of the condition of Peterson’s release and District Attorney Brett Ligon filed a motion asking the court to set aside Peterson’s $15,000 bond and have the running back re-arrested.

Peterson was initially arrested on August 12, 2014 on one count of injury to a child and posted bail at that time.  Refraining from using drugs is a typical stipulation as a condition of bond.  If he is convicted on the child abuse charge, Peterson could face six months to two years in state prison, though he could be placed on probation as a first-time offender. He also could be subjected to NFL discipline under the league’s enhanced domestic violence policy, which can suspend players for up to six weeks.

He has said he never intended to harm his son and was only disciplining him in the same way he had been as a child growing up in East Texas.

When the motion is actually heard by the court is a unclear as the current judge presiding over Peterson’s case is facing a recusal hearing scheduled to take place on Friday morning so there may not be any immediate action.  The District Attorney has filed a motion to recuse Judge Kelly Case after the he called each lead attorney in the case a “media whore.” Case apologized, saying the comment was meant as a joke.

Peterson’s attorney Rusty Hardin has not been available for comment.