Any day that involves cute and cuddly puppies is a good day—including Friday the 13th, which is traditionally known as one of the unluckiest days of the year. The NSW Police Force marked the occasion by sharing a truly “distressing” video of some “werewolves” wreaking havoc on their Dog Unit.

“#BREAKING We’ve just received this distressing vision of werewolves taking over the Dog Unit,” the NSW Police Force tweeted, along with a short video clip. Of course, their Dog Unit doesn’t consist of any mythological creatures—just lovable puppies! The NSW Police Force’s German shepherd puppies garnered hundreds of retweets and earned nearly 150,000 views on their Facebook page. It’ll be impossible to have a bad Friday the 13th after watching this video.

A litter of German shepherd puppies joined the Dog Unit in May and will continue training until they’re able to start working as real crime-stoppers next year. The Unit, which was formed in 1932, also consists of labrador retrievers, rottweilers, malinoises and English springer spaniels, according to their website.

The NSW Police Force is known for producing content that is both hilarious and cute. Their “meme team” has shared dog memes that have, unsurprisingly, accumulated thousands of likes and comments. No one can resist adorable puppies!

See how social media reacted to the NSW Police Dog Unit’s adorable video below:

Social Media Reacts to NSW Police’s “Distressing” Friday the 13th Video

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