Adam Levine, host on The Voice and Lead singer of the popular music group Maroon 5, released the newest music video for the groups song entitled “Animals” yesterday.

If you aren’t to squeamish, take a look at the video below. If blood upsets you I would suggest giving it a pass.

The video is a powerful view on obsession and rape culture in today’s society. Within the first 40 seconds of the video there is a sense of anxiety and disquiet brought on by the nature of Adam’s character. He is portrayed as a geeky/unflattering man who has become obsessed with, and the proclaimed stalker of, a young woman, played by his wife, Behati Prinsloo, who frequents the butcher shop where he works.

There are montages of pictures taken without consent, a development room, couplings showered in blood, and the actual stalking.

In a written quote from Prinsloo on Monday, she disclosed information on the video by saying, “It’s out and its bloody, ready for Halloween.”

Samule Byaer directed the video. He is the director of a few other hit music videos including Green Day’s “American Idiot” in 2004. He also directed the movie Nightmare on Elm Street which helps to make sense of the bloody and gory mess “Animals” developed into.

In all honesty, the video is disturbing on a multi-faceted level starting with the stalking and ending with the coupling scenes. The blood and nature of the video do not lend to a realistic view of sexual intimacy or morality in a world tormented by violence, insecurity, and fear.

Did Levine go to far with this music video? Was he attempting to show all of this in such graphic detail? Or, was it meant to be a critique on today’s culture as the primal parts of humanity are called into question?

Personally, I adore Maroon 5, and most of their music, but I am going to pass up on the chance to ever listen to this song or watch the music video again.

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