Grandeur, pageantry and extravagance are all aspects of the British Royals that are loved, admired and discussed on social media and in the tabloids..  But somehow this young woman, Duchess Kate Middleton, still suprises with the simplest of ease.

On Tuesday, the future Queen of England  met with members of a scouting program known as “Beaver Scouts” which in America would be  considered the precursor to The Cub Scouts.

No one knew she was going to show up.  No one expected her to rock a Scout hoodie.

Princess Kate, as she is often referred, has been involved with the program since 2012, mostly unreported in the press due to the genuine nature of her efforts.  But what seems to be the big deal of the day was her arrival in a Scout hoodie, sans pomp and circumstance.

The charitable wife of Prince William, the eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales has often downplayed her limelight appearances and this effort was to help one of 200 scout units that were established in some of the poorest and most afflicted areas of the United Kingdom.

Her latest visit was to help young scouts understand some aspects of life with a disability and how each person overcomes what might be considered an obstacle, others consider a gift.  At the end of the meeting, Kate handed out achievement badges to each scout with a smiling “well done”.

Then Kate joined all the Beavers in using sign language to say the Scout’s Promise – “I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love my world” – before singing along to their farewell song “Goodnight Beavers”.

Price William has a distinguished military and academic career. He supports numerous charities, including serving as patron to Centrepoint, an organization for homeless youth, and the Tusk Trust, which is dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife.

But seriously, as one guy to another, you married up my friend.