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No, you’re not seeing double. Or rather, hearing double. That’s just the sight and sound of Jack Aiello (and Jimmy Fallon), the 8th grader who impersonated Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and others during his graduation speech at the beginning of this month.

Now he’s taken his impersonation talents to “The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

In the sketch, “Trump” announces his running mate: himself. He and his mini clone “Little Donald” (Aiello) discuss building the wall, Trump University, and even “Finding Dory.” Aiello also shows off his impersonations of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, getting in jabs about never dropping out of the presidential race and Clinton’s email scandal.

This isn’t the first time Fallon has donned the Donald wig. In March, he spoofed Trump’s Super Tuesday speech, which even featured a cutout of Chris Christie. He thanked Christie for his “unblinking” support in the sketch and also joked about “winning” Texas. Not only has Fallon done some hilarious impersonations of Trump, but Trump himself also appeared on the show last year, pretending to interview himself in a mirror.

Aiello first made headlines when he broke out his impersonations of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders in his 8-minute graduation speech from Thomas Middle School. Taking on their personas, he recalled the memories they made during their time in middle school, looked towards the future, and also called for free cinnamon rolls. That video has garnered over 2 million views.

When Aiello appeared on “The Tonight Show,” he also discussed how he prepared for the impersonations, which included watching the debates and press conferences. Explaining that it took a month to learn, he practiced both the candidates’ speeches and their mannerisms. And which candidate was the easiest one for him to perfect? Bernie Sanders, which also happens to be one of his favorite impersonations.

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