React: 8 Surprising Charts That Explain #WWDC15

The React TL;DR: People like talking about how much they love Apple Music, but not as much as they like Drake.

Every year in San Francisco, thousands of app developers gather in a crowded theatre to hear what Apple CEO Tim Cook will do for them. New APIs? Improved resourced management? Microphone input?

The Worldwide Developers Conference not only generates buzz in San Francisco, but all over the world – with hundreds of thousands tuning into the Apple live stream to see what updates we’ll be getting in the newest version of iOS.

This year, the biggest event was Apple Music – a streaming service set to take on Spotify and Pandora.

Using Brandwatch Analytics, we were analyzing all 245,000 mentions of the #WWDC15 to see what people thought of the headline announcements – and some of the smaller ones.

What we found was quite surprising.

Throughout the keynote, men made up the majority of the Tweeting public…

…in fact, women were outnumbered 5 to 1 in total.

El Capitan – the newest version of OS X – was the biggest announcement for social…

…although Apple’s Swift programming language going open source generated the biggest spike.

The iPad’s split-screen multitasking won the hearts of Tweeters, with the highest number of positive mentions…

…while Siri’s ‘proactive assistance’ was left down in the dumps.

In terms of operating systems, iOS was the talk of the town:

Finally, Drake’s four minute on-stage appearance almost eclipsed Tim Cook’s entire keynote: