After 108 years, Cubs fans are finally celebrating that ‘World Series Champions’ title, a well-deserved celebration considering the grueling 7-game series. But the Cubs roster wasn’t the only thing at work during this post-season, there were plenty of Chicago businesses and institutions that capitalized off of the excitement.

For our clients, we saw this as a great opportunity to get easy engagement and higher organic reach based off of timely game posts. In some cases, we saw 50-60% higher reach than we did on regular posts. For our client Navy Pier, we saw increases much higher than that – a reach that increased by as much as 5200%.


While we saw great success with our own clients, we also are willing to give credit where credit is due. So, here are our favorite tributes to the Cubs.

Garrett Popcorn

Iconic Chicago brand, meet iconic Chicago team.


[Image: Garrett Popcorn via Facebook]


This is a great example of a small, lesser known Chicago brand getting creative (and a bit crass) with the Cubs’ win.


[Image: via Facebook]

BCBS of Illinois

The BCBS building is well-known for its messages you can see along the skyline, but they never get old – as evidenced by the 17K likes on this photo alone.


[Image: BCBS Illinois via Facebook]

Loyola University Chicago

LUC had a little faith and took it one step further and put it on a billboard!


[Image: Loyola University Chicago via Facebook]

Giordano’s Pizza

Deep dish pizza and Giordano’s go together like…the Cubs and Wrigley Field!


[Image: Giordano’s Pizza via Facebook]

Bob Newhart

Many celebrities have given shoutouts to the Cubs, but none as consistently or as eagerly as the great Bob Newhart.


[Image: Bob Newhart via Facebook]

(Alright, we’re a bit biased). But, c’mon, that’s good stuff right there.


The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute really outdid themselves with some fantastic and creative callouts to the Cubs.


[Image: Art Institute of Chicago via Facebook]

What was your favorite tribute to the Cubs?