ABC’s newest drama “How To Get Away With Murder” premiered tonight and there were plenty of intense and suspenseful moments. Set in Philadelphia, the show follows the unorthodox teaching methods of Professor Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) Criminal Law class, appropriately self-named “How To Get Away With Murder.” In just the premiere, there’s a whole case worked through and two murders, with plenty of scandalous drama in between. The show is a complex labyrinth with so many shocking twists one after another you might miss them if you blink. Scenes were intertwined with current time and flash forwards, showing what the final minute ultimately leads up to–a murder and trying to hide a body.

1. “This is Criminal Law 100. Or as I prefer to call it “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Viola Davis is so intense.

2. Keating’s teaching method


3. Keating picking the four (later she picks five) top students

Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes are the ones to look out for…and later the ones to dispose of a body.

4. “You had ONE job!”


Gina, the client, almost screws up the entire case.

5. Scratches on the wall and bite marks on the bed


What’s up with that? Totally suspicious.

6. Connor winning the trophy


7. This.

Wes catches Keating with someone in her office who he discovers is a detective. She later tries to explain why she did it.

8. “I bet the boyfriend did it.”


Who murdered Lila Stangard? Keating’s husband, Sam, is looking pretty suspicious–could he be the boyfriend? We sure will see.

9. The reveal


Whoa, Annalise’s husband was the one in the carpet! And her four protégé’s were the ones to get rid of the body.

Did you watch the premiere?

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