Seth Kraft, student coach of the Laurel High School Locomotives, has made the shot of a lifetime on the basketball court. Not only was it Kraft’s 18th birthday…not only was it senior night. It also happened to be the night Kraft would make a game-changing shot. Kraft, who stands at 4-foot-1 and has dwarfism, usually enjoys the parts of the game where he can show off his skills in the assists area and defense. That does not let Kraft feel held back in the game, however, and puts in 100 percent.

Kraft went into the game feeling positive and would be content by just making the smallest of impacts. In front of a huge crowd, with some people holding up signs with Kraft’s name, he made one of the biggest impacts of the night. According to Paul Hansen, the team’s coach, Kraft “takes every possession, every shot to heart.”

This momentous game for Kraft has sparked people on Twitter speaking about the game and Kraft’s shot, using the hashtag #getsethonsportscenter. Most are accompanied by this video of the moment the shot was made:

The tweets in general show just how much of an impact Kraft made in the game.

Kraft himself tweeted this:

Another surprise came when the Globetrotters came to visit Laurel High School to recognize Kraft’s and the team’s momentous night.

This feel-good story gone viral has been able to show a big moment for Kraft and the coming together of a school to show their support. Kraft himself says in “Little Man, Big Moment…The Seth Kraft Story” that “this is one milestone he will never forget.”

What’s your reaction to Kraft’s shot?